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Personal Injury

Des Moines, Iowa Personal Injury Lawyer

Des Moines Car Accident Attorney | Personal Injury

When another vehicle hits your car at an intersection, the impending legal implications are probably the last thing on your mind. And hiring an Iowa accident attorney isn’t going to be your first concern if — instead of driving a car — you were on a motorcycle. People and safety come first, and that’s how we treat car, truck and motorcycle accident cases at Carpenter Law Firm in Des Moines.

We are ready and willing to take on your personal injury suit to help you and your family, just as we’ve been doing for our clients in central Iowa for years. When you’re up against a massive insurance company, you need a personal injury lawyer that’s not only knowledgeable, but has your best interests in mind. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you in this trying time. Contact us once you are back on your feet, and be reassured that you have solid footing and control over your situation.

Most people don’t know what their rights are when they are injured in an accident. Do you know what the Statute of Limitations is when you are in a car accident? What about the rights you sign away in insurance company releases? There’s a long list of questions you’re going to have, and we have answers you need. It is very likely that you are entitled to compensation in the event of an accident. To make sure that you get what you deserve, meet with us to get answers to these questions and know your options.

We also understand that there are many factors in the aftermath of an accident beyond your medical expenses. Missing work, emotional distress, and long-term disability may be weighing heavily on your mind. Some of these elements may lead you to think that hiring an accident lawyer would just be an added expense – another thing to worry about. We understand. That’s why we work for just a percentage of your settlement. You’ll pay nothing upfront to have our expert team examine your situation, and help you understand your options. Don’t make your search for a personal injury attorney in Iowa more strenuous than it needs to be – choose Pat Carpenter.

Give us a call at  515-244-9907  or  1-800-544-9907 to set up a consultation. Let Pat Carpenter put his more than 41 years of experience to work for you and your family. We look forward to helping you today