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If you leave our office and head east on I-80, it won’t be too long until you arrive in Newton, Iowa. Barring traffic, that’s just a 45-minute drive – a shorter commute than some people take to work everyday. So if you’ve been injured at work in Newton and/or you’re filing a workers’ compensation lawsuit, why wouldn’t you consider hiring the most experienced and knowledgeable work comp lawyer in central Iowa? Attorney Pat Carpenter is committed to serving the Des Moines community, which includes Newton!

Carpenter Law Firm has grown accustomed to helping Newton residents with their workers’ compensation and personal injury cases, ensuring them the personal care and attention we give to all of our clients. Our talented team has the drive and expertise to take on anything your case may have to offer, and we can help you get your life back on track. In the case of a work-related accident, there can be a lot of fallout and implications. Don’t let the situation get out of your hands! Whether you’re up against your employer, an insurance company, or an individual, we will help you take the right steps to the compensation you deserve and the peace of mind you need.

If you live in Newton and you are unfamiliar with our firm and website, please take a look around and acquaint yourself with everything we have to offer. We primarily serve clients in cases of workers’ compensation and personal injury – including more specific situations like car, truck and motorcycle accidents in Newton. For more information about each of these areas, visit our new blog, which includes a post about what you should do if you are injured on the job. Finally, be sure to read what past clients have to say about us, and what Pat was able to do for them.

To meet with us for your free consultation, call us at 515-244-9907 (or 1-800-544-9907 toll-free) or leave us a message via email. We work to be flexible for our clients and potential clients, so if meeting in our office during business hours isn’t convenient, let us know and we can arrange a meeting elsewhere. Contact us today to get started!