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What To Do After You’ve Been Involved In A Truck Accident

Truck Accident Attorney Des Moines Iowa

What to Do to Ensure Your Safety and Security

Most of the time, truck drivers are well-trained, cautious, precise, and good stewards of highway and road safety. And that’s good, because we rely on truck drivers and their services to keep Iowa, and the nation as a whole, running smoothly and efficiently. Unfortunately, the great quantity of trucks of all shapes and sizes on the road mean that they won’t all safely make it to their destination.

Due to the size and mass of many trucks, truck accidents don’t only slow down traffic, but put motorists and pedestrians in danger of injury and sometimes death. With tons of cargo in tow, it’s easy to see how trucks create a hazard to you, especially if they have a negligent driver behind the wheel. If you or a loved one is involved in a personal injury or wrongful death case involving a truck accident in Iowa, you need an experienced and intelligent lawyer to represent your best interests, and help you navigate your difficult situation. Attorney Pat Carpenter has been serving residents of Des Moines and beyond for decades, and has specific expertise in truck accidents and their aftermath.

If you are involved in a truck accident, you might be confused about where the burden of responsibility lies. Is it your fault? The truck driver’s fault? What about the truck driver’s employer? It’s easy to see how a truck accident can quickly become a complex and complicated legal process – one that you should not try to take on alone. Whether the accident was due to driver error or vehicle malfunction – or even if you think it was purely accidental – it behooves you to seek proper legal counsel to fully understand your role in the accident, and the steps you should take.

If you think you are entitled to compensation for personal injury due to a truck accident in Iowa, call us today to set up a no-risk consultation meeting. Because we work for a percentage of your settlement and don’t have any hidden fees, you can only benefit from taking the time to talk to us. We are a small, dedicated team of legal professionals that will give you the personal care and attention you deserve. We treat clients like family, and are only concerned with your well-being. Call us at 515-244-9907 or toll-free at 800-544-9907 to schedule your consultation today.