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Creston, Iowa is known for working hard. Since 1871, Creston has been the home to machine shops, roundhouses for trains and housed construction camps for the railroad. People from Creston, and surrounding towns like Lenox, Red Oak, Macksburg and Tingley, Iowa have seen the area change from predominantly railroads to now bigger manufacturing businesses. Gits Manufacturing, Wellman Dynamics, and Iowa Tool and Manufacturing are just a few of the great companies that thrive and provide Union County a dynamic level of jobs. After a week of work you can find people relaxing in the nearby recreation areas of Green Valley State Park, Summit Lake, Twelve Mile Lake and Three Mile Recreation Areas.

With manufacturing jobs, though, comes the risk of personal injury. Businesses in Creston, IA do their best to keep their employees safe and limiting work when there might be issues with health. Unfortunately, manufacturing jobs can’t always prevent these happenings but when they do an workers’ compensation attorney might be needed. If you have been injured while working and you believe that you haven’t been treated fairly, or received the necessary care for your personal or work related injury then it’s time to call Pat Carpenter. The minute Pat hears of your case, you become the firm’s top priority. It’s not fair to continue work without the proper benefits that you deserve. Carpenter Law Firm has been helping Creston and Union county not only with work related injuries but also injuries from car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, and more. Carpenter’s team from Des Moines, Iowa will work with your case until you have received full benefits.

If you or a loved one has been injured at work or has been injured from a vehicle accident in Union county, contact Pat Carpenter today. You can visit our office, or we will meet with you. Give us a call at 515-244-9907 with your case or send us an email through our form on the website.