Seek A Workers’ Compensation Attorney For Sioux City Residents

When you contact Attorney Pat Carpenter’s office, you become our office’s top priority. Carpenter Law Firm of Des Moines, Iowa is committed to serving each Iowan who seeks our services with the most care and urgency possible. We specialize in the fields of workers’ compensation and personal injury law, and we know how delicate and sensitive these cases can be. For decades, we’ve served families and individuals throughout the state, including clients in Siouxland and surrounding areas. Our mission is to help as many Iowans as we can, whether they are hurt at work, injured in a car accident, or grieving the sudden loss of a loved one. Pat Carpenter is here to help Iowans.

You may work at a manufacturing facility such as Tyson Fresh Meats or Curly’s Food, where there’s a chance of getting injured while working. We understand that no matter how much caution your facility uses, there’s always a risk of injury when you’re around heavy machinery — and Carpenter Law has experience helping workers who do get injured receive the compensation they deserve. We’ll work with your employer to make sure everything goes smoothly, and make sure they’re following state laws, which include mailing out your check on time.

We encourage Sioux City residents to call us today. Handling workers’ comp cases in Sioux City, IA has given us the opportunity to meet many of its welcoming and hard-working residents. Throughout the past few decades, Carpenter Law Firm has helped hundreds of Iowans outside the limits of central Iowa with their work comp cases, and you could be next! Don’t let the distance limit your options for the best workers’ comp representation in the state. Your immediate choices following a work injury could mean the difference between receiving compensation or not. Don’t leave anything up to chance if you feel your employer, an insurance company, or an individual has unjustly treated you. Along with workers’ compensation, we help people in Woodbury, and Plymouth counties and surrounding cities such as Le Mars and Orange City with car accidents, truck accidentsmotorcycle accidents, and wrongful death lawsuits.

You need a team on your side that will make sure no one takes advantage of you and that your employee rights are respected. Carpenter Law Firm always puts our clients first, and our client testimonials back that up. If you need help taking the first step to getting your life back in order, call us today at 515-244-9907 or contact us online.

Do You Need A Lawyer? If Injured, You Might.

Do I need a work comp lawyer? Des Moines Worker Compensation Attorneys

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Deciding if your work related injury is serious enough for an attorney to be involved can be a tough decision. Whether you need a work comp lawyer in Des Moines to represent yourself after you are injured depends on a number of factors.

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3 Types of Workers Comp Your Employer In Iowa Should Provide

Workers Comp In Iowa

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In Iowa, there are a large number of businesses that have a high level of risk involved. From farming, to wind turbine farms, and manufacturing jobs Iowans put their ability to work at risk on a daily basis. If an employee were to get hurt, the employer must provide these three Iowa work compensation benefits.

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4 Challenges Ahead For Workers’ Compensation

The Future of Iowa Workers' Compensation

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Today holds tomorrow’s opportunities. Things are changing every minute of the day. From updates to your favorite website and even the weather outside. The same thing goes for lawyers and workers’ compensation. Things really changed for workers’ compensation after OSHA was introduced in 1972. Since then, work place safety has increased, but there are always going to be bumps along the way. With new laws regarding to healthcare and patient privacy, there is some uncertainty what the future holds for workers’ compensation. In this post we are going to highlight four notable challenges we foresee in the area of workers’ compensation. Continue reading 4 Challenges Ahead For Workers’ Compensation

How To Report A Slip and Fall

Slip and Fall Attorney

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Studies show that 60% of all falls are related to a slipping or tripping incident. The likely causes of these falls could be from a foreign object on the walking surface, a design flaw in the walking surface, or a slippery surface caused by weather or a spill. When a person falls they often try to walk it off hoping that no one saw what happened. Even if they are able to get up from a slip and fall, they may have suffered a serious injury. Sometimes it’s too embarrassing to report so they keep it to themselves. They may hold back from reporting the problem because they left the scene right away due to the state of their injury. Continue reading How To Report A Slip and Fall