Looking for an Employment Lawyer in Des Moines?

If you need an employment attorney to represent your right to workers’ compensation, then contact Pat Carpenter of Carpenter Law Firm right away. For decades, Pat has been one of Des Moines’ most successful and reliable employment attorneys, specializing in the fields of workers’ compensation and personal injury law. When you’re hurt on the job and miss work, your employer is legally obligated to financially support you via medical payments and/or disability payments to replace your missed wages. Access to workers’ compensation is an integral part of Iowa employment law. If you’ve been injured because of your job and you’re not receiving workers’ compensation, you need to talk to an employment lawyer right away. Continue reading Looking for an Employment Lawyer in Des Moines?

Need Help Filling Out Your Work Comp Papers?

Iowa Work Comp Forms

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There are a number of forms you must fill out meticulously in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits. And if your work comp claim turns into a lawsuit, there will be even more hoops to jump through in terms of paperwork. Luckily, the state of Iowa’s official website provides a comprehensive list of workers’ compensation forms, which contains every relevant workers’ compensation form for employers and employees. Of course, finding the forms you need is just the first step to successfully filing for workers’ compensation. Continue reading Need Help Filling Out Your Work Comp Papers?

Protect Your Right to Disability Benefits

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Workers’ compensation laws require employers to pay an employee’s medical expenses when he or she is injured at work, but the company’s responsibilities don’t stop there. Often times, a workplace injury or illness causes an employee to miss work, in which case the employer is also required by Iowa law to compensate the employee for the wages they would have earned if they were physically able to work. These payments are called disability benefits. While companies are not required to pay an employee their full regular wages when they’re hurt and can’t work, disability benefit payments are not subject to income tax and therefore almost fully replace an employee’s usual paychecks. Continue reading Protect Your Right to Disability Benefits

Repetitive Stress Injuries: Should I File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

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When you hear the phrase “workplace injuries,” you probably picture dangerous accidents involving malfunctioning machinery and unsafe work conditions. While those types of workplace injuries do occur, a workplace injury doesn’t need to be a dramatic accident for an employee to qualify for worker’s compensation benefits. In fact, almost every job presents the potential risk of injury to its employees in the form of repetitive stress injuries. Almost all jobs require some sort of repetitive motion, whether it’s packing meat at a plant, lifting crates of soda at a gas station, or simply typing on a keyboard at a desk job. Continue reading Repetitive Stress Injuries: Should I File a Workers’ Comp Claim?

Construction Accidents & Injuries

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As a Des Moines law firm specializing in workers’ compensation for the past few decades, we’ve represented many Iowa construction workers just like you. Construction is extremely hard work and requires extensive physical labor, which means that construction companies have a heightened responsibility to keep their employees safe from injury, as well as support them financially in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, things don’t always work out that smoothly between employers and employees, and that’s where we come in. If you’ve been injured at your construction site, you’re entitled to a certain level of financial support. If you feel that you aren’t being treated fairly by an employer in the field of construction, you need to consult with legal counsel immediately. Continue reading Construction Accidents & Injuries